The National Dairy Study research team are producing several videos to help communicate its results to produces, veterinarians, researchers and other stakeholders in the industry. Click below to view the most recent videos.

Researcher vlogs

Watch the researchers from the National Dairy Study discuss the purpose and outcomes of their research, and what the results of the National Dairy Study mean for producers and the Canadian dairy industry.

Detecting Lameness in Dairy Cattle

The following instructional videos, created by Drs. Stephanie Croyle and Clemence Nash, walk through the two main approaches to evaluating dairy cattle for lameness, (1) gait scoring, and (2) in-stall lameness assessments.

National dairy study: nahms north or herding cats?

A presentation by Dr. David Kelton on the National Dairy Study. Filmed on Dec 10, 2015 at the University of Guelph.