The National Dairy Study research team are hard at work creating new tools and resources to mobilize study results and facilitate their uptake for dairy producers, researchers and other key stakeholders. Select from the categories below to view the various resources currently available.



We're capturing our progress on National Dairy Study by writing plain language articles in popular press magazines, like the Milk Producer. Read more about what the researchers and scientists involved in the study have been up to, and stay informed on new results as we continue to uncover new insights about the Canadian dairy industry.




We have produced several new videos to help communicate the results from the National Dairy Study. From 'how-to' instructional videos that take you out on the farm, to animated and data visualization videos, we have produced a number of video resources to help get our results and messages out there. 



Statistics & Infographics

We've created a number of statistical reports and infographics to tell data-driven stories about the National Dairy Study using unique and engaging visuals. Explore and download various outputs related to respondent demographics, herd characteristics, milking practices, lameness and injuries, calf health and management, communication preferences and much more.

Peer-reviewed Publications

As researchers, we are committed to conducting high-quality research and publishing our work in peer-reviewed journals, like the Journal of Dairy Science. We've already published several articles on different areas of our work and are working hard to ensure we disseminate the results of the National Dairy Study to researchers across the globe.